MULTI-CHANNEL E-Commerce Platform


Considering the growth of eCommerce market and the challenges it proposed, we started developing the OrderMash Project in 2011. The prototype stage of the project was funded by Teknogirisim support awarded by the Ministry of Science Industury and Technology. According to the customer feedbacks we continue to add new features and integrations every day which makes it easier to sell your products using OrderMash.

Our product offers retailers an opportunity to sell their products over multiple sales channels, to buyers who are hard and expensive to reach using traditional marketing techniques. OrderMash provides an eCommerce framework which requires no upfront costs and no hardware investments making use of our Cloud Orchestration technology.

Multi Channel ECommerce


Tenant Based Design

Tenant Based eCommerce Management Portal isolates system resources such as computational power, memory, and database storage separate for each Tenant. This provides high security, system stability, and better overall performance. Also provides the ability to share anonymous customer behavior data between Tenants securely using Tenant Provisioning system.

Customer e-Commerce Site

Customer eCommerce Site is hosted using Cloud Computing Services on private or shared servers depending on the customer choice. The site design can be customized using provided templates or any other custom design can be prepared by us upon request. Customers can start selling their products from their sites just after listing their products and making configurations, such as defining payment channels, shipment information etc.

Continuous Server Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of application servers using our Cloud Orchestration service. Sends instant notifications to administrators on service interruptions and automatically performs server management operations. Monitors Server load and adjusts number of servers and server power according to instantaneous usage.

Multi-Channel Product Listing

Define details of your products only once from a central management console and they will be listed on every available sales channel you desire.

Sales Consolidation

Monitor your sales details from each channel using a single central management dashboard. After each sale, update the stock values of the product in all channels if using shared stock.

Channel Based Pricing

Define different pricing policies for different channels. This provides flexibility to reflect marketplace commissions or marketing strategies to pull buyers to customer site.

Warehouse Integrations

Support of Warehouse integrations to store and dispatch your products automatically. Use multiple storage facilities and optimize your logistics costs. Sell your products through many channels using the same warehouse, same stock.

Reports & Suggestions

Obtain reports/suggestions making use of provided Business Intelligence and Data Mining methods.