M3C Cloud Orchestration is a highly customizable and adaptable system which enables intelligent and efficient management of public and private clouds. Unlike other similar systems M3C Cloud Orchestration is not just limited to operating system level management but provides fine grained application level management including scaling, monitoring, communication and maintenance. Another unique feature of M3C cloud orchestration is the ability to employ probabilistic model checking algorithms to assist cost/reliability decisions.

Cloud Orchestration


Application Centric Scaling

Rather than relying solely on operating system parameters like CPU utilization, free memory or bandwidth, M3C Cloud Orchestration has a set of adapters which enables application level metrics to be retrieved. Those metrics enable accurate measurement of load and employment of sophisticated scaling algorithms.

Abundance of Scaling Algorithms

M3C Cloud Orchestration provides different scaling algorithms to be used based on the system requirements. Administrators have the ability to define thresholds for different metrics and choose different scaling algorithms to be used per application. Those algorithms could scale the system both vertically or horizontally and manage handover of users between servers.

Hybrid Cloud Management

M3C Cloud Orchestration provides the ability to manage both private and public cloud systems which enables running cross platform configurations. It is possible to run the application within a private cloud on idle times and expand to public cloud(s) when demand rises. Global scaling on different regions based on demand is also possible.

Cost Prediction

Thanks to build in cost prediction module of M3C Cloud Orchestration it is possible to predict and compare costs based on different application scenarios and cloud providers. This will prevent surprise costs and enable more accurate decision making.

Cost-Reliability Simulation with Probabilistic Model Checking

Any given application scenario can be verified by using probabilistic model checking techniques leveraging cutting edge technology. This techniques will provide reliability scores for various scenarios. Combined with the cost prediction feature, the system will be able to provide the users with accurate reliability vs costs comparisons.

Continuous Feedback

The parameters and metrics of the running system are collected and processed. This feedback is used to compare simulations and predictions with running system facts to refine system strategies.

Provider Service Health Monitoring

M3C Cloud Orchestration continuously monitors cloud provider's service health by processing RSS Feeds and other APIs. When a planned or unplanned downtime occurs on provider side, the system will switch to a different region or provider and handover the active users.

Application Maintenance

Aside from scaling M3C Cloud Orchestration provides other functionalities such as application level backups, application monitoring, security checks.