M3C Cloud Streaming Platform is a cloud based, flexible, scalable streaming platform with sophisticated functionality and easy management. Cloud Streaming Platform could be used for both live and on demand video & audio streaming applications for a variety business scenarios including Subscription Based, Pay-Per View, Ad Supported, Free systems.

Cloud Streaming


Cloud Backed Streaming Platform

All streaming, application and database server needs will be accomplished in the cloud with zero upfront investment and pay as you go pricing. This enables rapid deployment, short time to market and high scalability.

Combination of Live & On Demand Streaming

Cloud Streaming Platform provides both on demand and live streaming in a single interface. Real time recording while live streaming is also possible.

Convenient Streaming Experience

Cloud Streaming Platform provides state of art streaming experience. Multi-track audio with in-play switching enables users to choose different languages during streaming. Multi language subtitle transcoding enables users to switch subtitles in the same manner. Cloud Streaming Platform also provides multi-bitrate streaming with the option of adaptive bitrate streaming.

Strong Content Protection & Anti-Piracy

One of the main concerns of internet video business is piracy. Cloud Streaming Platform solves this problem precisely yet conveniently. Using already established and diverse encrypted streaming protocols, your videos will be safe without requiring specific players or DRM providers.

Multi-Platform Delivery

Cloud Streaming Platform offers out of the box compatibility for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to integrate Smart TV portals and IPTV set-top boxes upon request.

Advanced Analytics

Cloud Streaming Platform provides detailed reporting services for user activity. User profile analysis, user behavior analysis and real time analytics are standard components of the system.

Advanced Catalog Management

Catalog management module consist of a multi-level hierarchal category system to categorize media genres, an attribute system so that each media can be decorated with cast, director and scenarist etc. information also a series management system to mark series content with episode and session information. All this catalog data is fused into user interface to create an intuitive navigation system, cross-links and advanced search capabilities.

Business Intelligence

One of the key factors in Video on Demand success is the ability to provide suggestions to your customers based on their previous decisions and convergence between users. Cloud Streaming Platform's business intelligence module will provide this suggestions using state of art data mining algorithms.

Membership System

Cloud Streaming Platform features a flexible and customizable membership system, it is possible to create a variety of membership packages with different scopes and durations. Each membership package can have different payment options.

Search Engine Optimization

All modules and pages have built-in SEO features including Meta Keywords, Meta Description, permalinks, description page titles and headings, Google sitemaps integration and page priority.

Ads Management

Cloud Streaming Platform has a built-in video adds management module which enables playing commercials during video streaming. Ads can be defined with priority, frequency and quota. Play log and reports for commercials can be shared easily with the ad owner. Play logs are also integrated with internal analytics module and the vendor management module so that ad revenues can be shared with vendors.

User Interaction & Social Media

Commenting and rating of videos is a core feature of Cloud Streaming Platform. Cloud Streaming Platform also integrates with Facebook Graph API, Twitter and Pinterest.

Vendor Management and Revenue Sharing

Cloud Streaming Platform provides necessary infrastructure to associate vendors to videos and apply different revenue sharing models. Your vendors will be able to see sales and earnings reports in real time.

Payment Integrations

Cloud Streaming Platform offers out of the box support for popular credit card gateways, mobile payment providers and PayPal. Also a coupon code based internal payment method is provided for free usage campaigns and offline payments.

Built-in API

Cloud Streaming Platform features a built-in powerful API which supports json, xml and soap. This enables any third party software to integrate with Cloud Streaming Platform.

YouTube and Vimeo Integrations

We know that it is a common practice to upload video trailers to popular video sharing sites. This will greatly improve your marketing and cross-sale capabilities. Cloud Streaming Platform has a built-in mechanism to upload video trailers automatically to your channel in YouTube or Vimeo without user intervention.

External Sign-In Integrations

Aside from having an advanced user management system Cloud Streaming Platform provides sign in integrations to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked-In and Windows Live. Cloud Streaming Platform enables a single account to be linked to different identities from different providers.

Proactive Learning System

Proactive learning system is designed to enhance distant learning experience, increase learning productivity, and ensure viewer's attention to media. Proactive learning system is linked to internal reporting and analytics tools.